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Monday, January 08, 2007

Ulan Bator New Site


we're currently updating this new ulan bator official site. We're adding new info/material almost everyday. Please feel free to 'comment' any post, or to leave us a message on the guest-book. Best, UB


Anonymous said...

A quanto pare sono il primo a lasciare un messaggio... Ben tornati!
Ho letto che avete già programmato alcune date per marzo. Spero di non mancare!


ps: scusate se ho scritto in italiano, ma il mio inglese è pessimo! :))

ULAN BATOR said...

Ecco le date CONCERTI pubblicate nelle 'NEWS' ! Fra poco apriremo uno spazio tutto in italiano (collegato a questo). Ci vediamo 'dal vivo'! ub

Andrea (Cremona) said...

Finalmente ce l'hai fatta a farti il blog eh Amaury... Bemtornati!

ULAN BATOR said...

ULAN BATOR tour in Italia: Novembre & Dicembre 2007...

TrV said...

hi UB guys. I'm still looking for your first release (eponym one) for years now... can't find a way to get it (url, website, 2nd hand, stores, etc.).
It's very very difficult to find it. That's the only one which i haven't.
Do i have to resign myself and find a way to get it illegally ;) ?
Don't you have a last CD lost somewhere in your stuff ?

Or does anyone could provide me one (if you have the record more than once for example!) ?

You can contact me here : boltrevor@netcourrier.com

Thanks thanks a lot to anyone who could help me ;)

Ps: Greetings from Rouen, Normandy, France